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This Is The Fourth Nature Cat Game


The Game Takes Place In The Forest Where The Animals Are Worried Because They Don't Have The Stuff That They Need So Nature Cat Shows Up To Save The Day.


In The Game You Have To Collect Things That Animal Needs.

Level Animal What They Need? How Many?
1 Squirrel Acorns 4
2 Robin Worms 4
3 Beaver Logs 5
4 Frog Lily Pads 6
5 Skunk Berries 7
6 Raccoon Apples 8
7 Blue Jay Sticks 8
8 Fawn Leaves 8


  • This Is The First Nature Cat Game Where Hal,Daisy,And Squeeks Doesn't Appear In It.
  • This Is The First Nature Cat 2d Platform Game.


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