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  • Agent Oslyn

    A friend of mine known as peachstar Kratt introduced me to this show and ive been in love ever since. At first i was all like this show sucks and  i wont like it but then  i actually watched an episode and now she cant  get me to not  shout tallyho when i do somehting legit i actually uhve said both that and onward and yonward  irl i think i ve been watching to much nature cat. Nevermind tehere is no such hting as to much nature cat. Just as a wuick note  my username coems from my main wiki im a member of caled the odd sqAD WIKI AGENT OSLYN IS MY OC. as far as  this show goes i think i migth make an oc for it but idk. I  run a naturecat  tumblr blodg  called Naturecattallyho  and  It has  not only  news but occasionally fanart related thin…

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